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Our product range offers tea and coffee. You can choose from a variety of pure coffee or from our exclusive blends.


For most people the world over, Good Mornings begin with a steaming cup of coffee!

With Fresh & Ground you are not just drinking coffee but indulging in an experience shared by connoisseurs the world over since 1875. Fresh and Ground’s unique concept of bringing freshly ground coffee powder in premium packaging to keep the flavor and aroma intact makes the essential difference between packaged coffee and freshly ground and packaged coffee.

Open Coffee is available in three further sub-varieties: Pure, Pure blends and Coffee and Chicory blends.

Pure Coffee

• PB Pure:
Pure round beans, aromatic and medium bodied, with a hint of royal flavor.

• Plantation A:
Bold flat beans with a touch of class, with a full body, mild acidity and a subtle fresh flavor.

Pure Blends

• PB Selecto:
A selected blend of 100 per cent round beans for a balanced cup of good body and acidity with an aromatic pure blend flavor.

• Coffee Day Supreme:
Well-balanced body, acidity and enticing aroma to waft you on an adventurous journey.

• PB Supreme:
Carefully selected pea berries from traditional coffee growing areas in South India, roasted exclusively.

• Coffee Day Break:
A smooth bodied, mild flavored blend of selected coffee beans.

• Coffee Day Fiesta:
Pure coffee beans nourished by the warm rays of the sun, blended with aromatic skill to provide you with a strong and festive cup.

Chicory Blends
• Coffee Day Ultra Rich:
Blend of fine roasted coffee beans blended with chicory; using technology to provide that exclusive cup of good strength, acidity, and rich flavor.

• PB Rich:
Carefully selected pea berries from the verdant greens

• Coffee Day Strong:
Strong coffee with chicory

• Coffee Day Bright:
Fine coffee beans and well-processed chicory along with a blend of strength, acidity and brisk flavor

• Coffee Day Spoorthy:
Combination of Aromatic Arabica, Strong Robusta with Royal Chicory flavors.

• Coffee Day Special:
Blend of highly grown plantation A and long lasting lingering premium Robusta for pure coffee connoisseurs.

Packaged Coffee Fresh & Ground has the unique concept of bringing freshly ground coffee powder in premium packaging to keep the flavor and aroma intact.

Coffee Day Perfect


Perfect blend of Coffee Day’s coffee-chicory offering. Brings alive the young, warm, contemporary yet modern associations to coffee. Mix of 57 per cent coffee and 43 per cent chicory provide the perfect taste. Unique product pack provides attractive aroma cues. Available in 50g, 100g, 200g and 500g


Fresh & Ground – 7 Day Seven Day Old fresh packs ensure that the coffee in the pack is not more than seven days old. Available in two blends 65: 35 and 85:15, this is available at all leading retail stores in Bangalore, Mysore & Hyderabad.  Available in 100gm & 200gm

Trishakti Fresh filter Coffee with three best attributes Fresh, Strong & Aroma. Available in two blends - 65: 35 & 60:40 and 2 SKUs 100g and 50g. Trishakti is present in 30 towns in Karnataka.

Tea Just so that tea lovers are not forgotten… And, now for a cup of Tea!

Rich and Aromatic Tea Day ‘Rich and Aromatic’ has a unique flavor that comes from tea grown in Nilgiris. Made with the finest of tea leaves, this dark and intense tea can be enjoyed with or without milk, and is rich in antioxidants. Enchantment in every sip!

Strong and Refreshing
Tea Day ‘Strong and Refreshing’ is created from a special selection enjoyed for their full bodied flavor. The best Nilgiris tea leaves are hand picked to create this premium blend. The strong flavor seeps into the cup to create an invigorating tea. Enjoy your magic potion!

Hotel / Intuitions Kaapiguru Kaapiguru is unique machine developed by Coffee Day Fresh & Ground.


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